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Psychology & Therapy

Be it depressive feelings, listlessness, indolence, fear and anxiety, uncertainty, stress related issues, burn-out, feelings of inferiority, quest for identity, sexual issues, mourning related topics, assertiveness or career related, therapy can help you to regain control over yourself and the situation. It may help you to understand your feelings and deal with them in such a way that they don’t control your life but that you control them. Being in control of your life again, trust and calm may return allowing you to better enjoy yourself and your environment.

Therapy is built on three pillars: discernment, experience and skills. You will get a better understanding of the fact that these feelings don’t stand alone but are related to certain situations, thoughts, experiences and habits (patterns). You’ll start seeing interrelations and understand under what conditions these feelings start playing a role. You’ll get insight in the blind spots and pitfalls that may contribute to your getting stuck and running into problems. Apart from this understanding alternative skills will be presented to you that will enable you to better deal with yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and situations, leading to positive experiences. You will take these new experiences home as a toolkit for a better control over your life, making you to function optimally and enjoy life.

SYNTAGMA services are also available to children. In such case parents are always actively involved in the therapeutic process. This may range from an intake interview to the entire family participating in therapeutic sessions. Topics dealt with range from individual child issues to e.g. divorce related problems.

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