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You have or your child has emotional, physical and/or behavioral problems. These complaints seem to be connected to one or more traumatic experiences like an accident, a fire, an assault, nagging or something nasty or horrible.

Scientists think that your complaints are caused by the fact that your painful reminiscences to these events aren’t correctly stored/mapped in your memory. Fortunately this can be helped.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a scientifically proven, effective, short, client centered treatment of fear related troubles that are related to a traumatic experience. Troubles that have originated from a specific, nasty or sickening event whereby thinking of this event today still evokes an emotional reaction and a certain connection between this experience and the current symptoms ( e.g. anxiety, gloom, re-experiencing, sleeping problems, etc.) is plausible.

Experience learns that, provided a trauma after a one-off event, quite often a limited number of sessions will suffice to enable clients to pick up and live their daily life again. Once the memories are stored better, your or your child’s complaints will decrease or even disappear.

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