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Experience oriented therapy

Starting from the experience driven perspective families are approached as being dynamic experience based systems and the therapist focuses on personal individual growth, development and differentiation within the context of family members and significant / important others. Emotions play a major role, that of incentive to individual growth, but also as connecting elements of family members and of therapist and the system.

Here, therapy doesn’t focus that much on looking for all kinds of explanations from the past, or on learning a new behavior, but on eliminating emotional road blocks in the here and now and on mobilizing family members, thus giving personal growth a new chance.

Attention is focused on uniqueness, the unique character of each person, each family, each therapeutic encounter.

Starting point and conviction of Birgitte Beelen is her unswerving belief and confidence in the strengths and growth opportunities of people and families. In the course of the therapy, clients are invited to see and hear what is and to express what they really feel, to ask for what they need and to deal with risks determinedly. The direct and transparent exchange of fears, anger, desires and sorrow may sometimes lead to confrontation.

Dynamics and connection are the pillars to Birgitte Beelen’s working from this perspective. The conflict between a desire to bonding and intimacy and the simultaneous longing for autonomy and differentiation is often the nucleus of problems in the domain of family and partner relations.

Fear can make people tend to not daring to bond or to differentiate and both may lead to emotional blockades. It then is Birgitte Beelen’s task to identify and uncover those fears and desires of the respective persons, conflicts that are evaded to tackle, to help family members mourn and experience disappointment or sorrow and to keep every stake holder involved. Only then emotional road blocks are taken away allowing people to grow again. Birgitte Beelen takes for granted that every human being does have that capacity.