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Care delivered by SYNTAGMA complies with the criteria of relevant legislation, quality standards, directives and protocols. SYNTAGMA only applies experience based, scientifically proves treatment methods and validated measuring instruments.

As of January 1st 2017 all providers of ‘medical mental healthcare’, among which the general mental healthcare (GBGGZ), covered by the Dutch law on health insurance are to publish a ‘Quality Charter’. SYNTAGMA has submitted her quality charter at the Quality Register of the Zorginstituut Nederland (Dutch Institute on Healthcare). SYNTAGMA’s quality charter is available for consultation in its practice.

Your psychologist is committed to the professional secret. All information which you share with your psychologist or which originates from or becomes available in the course of the treatment, is covered by this secret. Therefore, no information will be shared – with whatever third party – without your prior, explicit permission.

Waiting time

Application waiting time is the interval between your contacting SYNTAGMA and the date of the intake session.
In mutual consideration – usually by phone – we will agree upon an appointment; SYNTAGMA is committed to an application waiting time of less than 2 weeks (according to NZa - Dutch Healthcare Authority regulation).


It may occur that SYNTAGMA isn’t available for some period of time (holidays, illness, etc.). In case you consider this inavailability to last too long, we may decide in mutual consideration on a colleague taking over temporarily and on the information that needs to be made available to him/her.


SYNTAGMA considers it important that you are satisfied over the received help. In case an element in its working methods didn’t satisfy you, SYNTAGMA would like to hear this directly from you and try to solve the issue. Please don’t hesitate to apply directly to your psychologist.

In case you and your psychologist don’t succeed in solving the risen problem, you may opt for mediation under supervision of a mediator of the Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen en Psychotherapeuten (LVVP – National Association of Independent Psychologists and Psychtherapists).

Is your complaint so serious that even mediation didn’t help, you may want to submit it to the independent Complaints Committee (‘Klachtencommissie’) of the aforementioned LVVP. This committee consists of an independent chairperson (lawyer), a representative of the national client organisations and of a member of the LVVP. Your complaint will be assessed against the Dutch Professional Charter for Psychologists:

Klachtencommissie LVVP
c/o mr. N. van den Berg
Postbus 13086
3507 LB Utrecht