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Family Therapy / System therapy

Psychical complaints or psychiatric disorder never stand alone. It is quite often that they relate to the situation someone is living in. Relationships, family and the extended environment do shape a system and people escape more easily from its problems via a therapy taking that very system aspect into account.

Complaints are influenced by the others in the system and vice versa. Relation- and family therapy are based upon this fundamental. The treatment focuses both on the individual’s specific problems and on relationships, its reaction patterns and/or the family as a whole. Even in the case of individual therapy the respective systems surrounding the person and having impact are taken into account. This will enable you to break the vicious circle and help to avoid that problems are maintained by the environment and that make changes to be lasting.

The systemic therapy approach builds on different perspectives. In order to elucidate some of them, being basic to SYNTAGMA’s approach, a few of these perspective follow:

Relation Therapy / Relationship counseling

The emotional contact that you do have and experience with your partner is the foundation of the sharing of feelings and thoughts. It is the basis to intimacy within your relationship, originating from the need to get to know and find the other, one another, and to be able to be oneself. However, in case one of you is emotionally unreachable and/or inaccessible, this situation may be experienced as a problem by one or both of you. “We don’t talk anymore” is an often expressed complaint. Sighing, ignoring, reacting indignantly are often observed, but of understanding, of spending efforts for one another and paying attention to one another is hardly the question anymore.

Mutual needs, desires and expectations within the relationship may have changed over time and don’t correspond anymore. There may also be question of too much stress or too little time to talk to each other.

Every relationship knows its tensions, quarrels and annoyances. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong in your relationship. In case it is already for a longer period that you do experience issues and listen less and less to one another, it could make sense to seek and ask for help in order to better go about with your partner. Relationship conversations will help you to get closer to yourself and to the two of you.

The “Top 10” of relational themes:

  1. Annoyances
  2. Difficulty in talking to each other
  3. Discussions on domestic tasks
  4. Colliding characters
  5. Discussions on the children’s education
  6. Financial problems
  7. Lack of time spent on one another
  8. Egoism
  9. Infidelity
  10. Giving in too quickly

Which options does SYNTAGMA offer to help you deal with relationship problems?

  1. Intake (90 minutes) targeting your precise questions and assessment of what could be meaningful and effective;
    followed by
  2. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions in SYNTAGMA premises (75 minutes per session);
  3. Relationship weekend “pressure cooker” from Saturday 10 a.m. to Sunday 6 p.m. A weekend with an overnight stay in a luxury hotel (or, at your discretion, at home) in a relaxing atmosphere favoring the two of you focusing on each other and working together intensively with the questions you want to be answered;
  4. Intensive “One day only” of 3 therapy sessions (between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.) and in between exercises targeting the uncovering of your mutual patterns, that is to say “your dance”;
  5. Intensive “One day only” of 3 counseling sessions (between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.) and in between exercises in order to clear the picture of whether to continue together or not, allowing:
    1. to make your next step
    2. to separate in good mutual understanding, e.g. with the help of Mediation;
  6. Training “Talking with my partner, how do I do it?”
  7. “Reflection Bundle” on the basis of a discounted rate:
    A “Reflection Bundle” consists of 2, 4 or 8 sessions of 1½ hour and has a validity of 1 year. Clients determine content and frequency of these sessions at their discretion and are allowed to have email contact in between. SYNTAGMA will react with questions and exercises and, in case necessary, by phone. This formula is also applicable to quarterly sessions, defined to stay sharp and focused, especially after an earlier, more intensive process has been completed.

Both preceding an intake and preceding a relationship weekend, questionnaires are used in order for me to, well in advance, know about you as individuals and about the evolution and functioning as a couple. This saves time during the initial phase and provides each of you the opportunity to think about certain issues and topics.

Since 2013 Relationship Therapy/counseling isn’t covered anymore by your Dutch health insurance. SYNTAGMA is convinced of the absolute importance of relationship counseling and the early asking for help in case of relationship problems, in order to avoid that problems worsen. The above mentioned offer has been conceived with optimal help, support and assistance in mind. The pricing of the respective elements of this offer is competitive.