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Central to coaching is the improvement of personal effectiveness. Sometimes this takes place in an individual setting, sometimes in a team setting. Your preference depends on your situation and/or your role/position in the organization.

Personal coaching

How to better enjoy my life and my job?

Coaching stimulates your development. In my capacity of your coach I will assist you to look fairly and honestly at yourself. This is the way to be more the person that you really are, you will be taught to see more realistically what you can do, what you are encountering and how it can become better.

Coaching does help you to grow, to find a better balance between yourself and the environment, to discover the source of your inspiration, where your strengths are residing and how to achieve results.

Coaching is meant for people who know that working on oneself is enriching for oneself as well as for the environment.

Quite often the daily hectic prevents you from dwelling on a subject. Yet sometimes you notice the need to exactly do this and to reflect on what you do, how you do it and whether you’re still on the right track or not. What might happen as well is the observation that you don’t enjoy your work anymore or have got stuck and wonder what caused this and how to pursue? Or you might even be at home with a burn-out and want to resume your job, but how to do this? Being your coach, I will be your sparring partner who thinks along with you, who observes different angles of view with you, who hold your mirror and explores your possibilities with you.

Team coaching / Questions of the organization

Based on her background of Labor- and Organization psychologist, being an experienced manager and combined with het therapeutic knowledge and competencies, Birgitte Beelen helps individuals and organizations staying sound and productive. She is a coach associated to a.o. the academy of medical doctors (

SYNTAGMA offers coaching & support for change projects, team building and reintegration issues.

Coaching leads to / helps with the development of individual competencies of managers, professionals, advising staff e.a. and evokes changes in behavior. Issues that may be covered in coaching:

  • How to deal with power & influence / conflicts;
  • Culture and behavior;
  • Leadership;
  • Managing expectations;
  • Stress;
  • Motivational issues;
  • Time management.