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SYNTAGMA has its office in Haren (Gn) and offers easy-to-access, professional help with an emphasis on therapy, mediation and coaching.

SYNTAGMA is a practice for Psychology, Mediation, Coaching, Training and Supervision.

  • Sometimes, people don’t feel at ease with oneself, feel uncomfortable in dealing with others or with the situation one is actually in. Sometimes it’s simply too difficult getting around on one’s own and the help and support of partner or friends don’t suffice. A psychologist will try to draw the picture of what exactly is going on, using an appropriate form of dialogue, psycho-diagnostic analysis or a dedicated therapy.
  • Sometimes you end up in a situation that has everything in it to become a conflict and that is what you try to avoid. Argue and conflict may have escalated already at the point you don’t see a solution anymore. Especially in the case where you choose to pursue or don’t have the choice than to pursue the relationship, usually a solution exists that is acceptable to the both of you. Mediation can be of help here.
  • Professional coaching is a way of exploring and developing one’s talents. Not through instructions or compelling advice but, based on equivalence and mutual interaction, analyze situations, explore solutions and practice.

SYNTAGMA is pleased to offer you its services in Dutch, English and French language.