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Job conflict mediation

In case a job conflict between an employee and its management proves to be nearly impossible to be solved by the two parties involved, mediation could be the key to a solution.

Mediation enables both parties to come to a mutually acceptable solution in good understanding, without the need for costly and time consuming legal procedures.

With a background of mediation, labor and organization psychology, Birgitte Beelen is a professional mediator between employer and employee. A neutral mediator, she does justice to the wishes and interests of both parties.

Mediation may lead to the renewal of the job relationship, possibly on another place/position in the organization, or to a restart at a new employer.

The combined background of labor- and organization psychology and mediation allows for causes, emotions and interests in the conflict to be looked at from not only business and legal viewpoints. This combination of frameworks puts the psychologist-mediator in the best position to help avoiding unnecessary escalation of conflicts.