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Birgitte M.J. Beelen is active as a registered mediator ever since 2003.

She is a member of the Mediator Federation of the Netherlands (MfN), Family Mediator NIP and Cros Border Mediator. In France, where she graduated at the “Université Paris X” in Nanterre, she is registered as well and works in association with French lawyers and mediators.

She passed the practical part of her study in France at the “Association Père Mère Enfant” (Father Mother Child Association) in Versailles, the founder of family mediation in France.

Apart from mediation in case of divorce she used to be active in international mediation and in “larger family system” mediation, comprising e.g. grandparents and grand children, but otherwise intergenerational as well.

Next to family mediation she is asked for labor conflict mediation especially in conflicts between employer and employee that (without mediation) would lead to an untenable situation as well as in cases of exit mediation.