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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation allows you to learn directly, without interference of lawyers about the opinion, points of view and demands of your partner with respect to the divorce or termination of your relationship. During divorce mediation extensive attention is paid to the emotional and relational problems, and to their significance for your children.

In the course of divorce mediation you will get an explanation of the legal consequences of the divorce or splitting up, this assuring the equality of both partners.

The agreements that you reach, also on the financial clearing, are laid down in a divorce covenant. This covenant, together with a combined divorce application and your parenthood plan, have to be submitted by your respective advocates to the competent Court. The Court will then pronounce the divorce.

Divorcing with the help of a mediator is cost saving, is less time consuming than a dispute based divorce and contributes to:

  • Creating a win-win situation:
    The mediator fosters coming to a balanced consideration of mutual interests; both parties are committed to the final divorce covenant.
  • Investing in yourself and in your future:
    The odds of things go wrong again in future, decreases. You will have learned to cope with conflicts.
  • Agreements being respected:
    It is quite simple to put things on paper. In case either one of you doesn’t commit to it, the odds are against respecting agreements. After mediation you are likely to do your utmost to commit to the agreements made. These agreements will be, as stated already, laid down in a legally binding document.

You can also opt for a mediation weekend.

Feel free to download the Mediation self test(pdf) and complete it in order to find out if mediation is a means to resolve your conflict.