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" In only four sessions with Birgitte I received so many handles and insights enabling me to grasp a number of issues again. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere made these sessions a really nice experience. "

" Asking a psychologist for help...

I am not crazy, am I??

No, it isn’t that stupid to use a professional sounding board after having experienced a lot followed by the loss of overview.

Someone who is there to help you hoeing and weeding in the chaos of everything that crosses your path.

Someone who helps you to sort out the essence of life, not by solving the problem but by putting the finger where it hurts and in this way helping you to find the answers yourself more easily.

Birgitte, many thanks! "

" Although initially somewhat skeptical about a “Dr. Rossi”, I have discovered that asking for professional help can also (or rather exactly) produce tangible results in an early stage. In my case it has had a positive influence on the decisions to tak for the res of my life. Your empathetic and direct attitude have been of a great help to me. "

" I am glad having made the choice to go to you with my questions. Why invest in the services of a beauty salon rather than in one’s personal balance ... that is where it all starts, isn’t it? "

" After the infidelity both of us didn’t feel like continuing together. Your sharp and honest view and confronting questions have been of enormous help in being honest. Especially with respect to the pieces of our own. We aren’t there yet, but on the right track.
Thanks Birgitte "

" Somewhat joking you called it an APK (Periodic Car Inspection), but it is simply wonderful to once in a while have an evening for ourselves with your input. Quite often we do think whether we’ll have something to talk about, but as time flies we are satisfied to have come. "

" In the beginning I felt somewhat awkward, going to a psychologist. But you proved to be a normal person; I have no hesitation in recommending all my friends to go and talk with you. Top Birgitte, many thanks. "

" EMDR has changed my life. After many years of being abused, I again dare to go to sleep. Birgitte, things were vehemently, but thank you for your understanding and listening ear, I had the guts to tell you everything straight off ... "