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eMental Health

Online (blended) therapy; knowledge, not an easy trick!

The therapeutic relationship online

Online treatment, a deliberate choice or because one can’t do without it anymore in the near future (e.g. influenced by the organization in which one works, by the healthcare insurance companies) or doesn’t want to do without it, in the online setting the working relationship is also of paramount importance for the effectiveness of one’s interventions. Online help, blended treatment (a combination of face-to-face and online contacts) isn’t just a variation on the classical face-to-face help. It demands that the therapist has additional qualifications and skills granting a good and effective therapeutic relationship.

Instead of the spoken word the written language is at the centre of this process. How does one deal with this? The centre of gravity will be put on those forms of treatment which are based on written contact between client and therapist. When and where appropriate, SYNTAGMA uses the online platforms of Minddistrict, Therapieland and Karify.