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Supervision & Intervision


Birgitte Beelen is erkend supervisor voor:

  • University degree of “Dutch Healthcare psychologist BIG” (Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog);
  • NVRG training course “Systemic Therapist”;
  • NIP training course “Child and Youth psychologist NIP”;
  • University Paris X – Nanterre advanced training course “Family Mediation”, leading to a French state accredited degree.


SYNTAGMA doesn’t only want to bring people together, its vocation is also to make professionals unite through intervision sessions. Discussing leadership dilemmas in such setting offers professionals the opportunity to inspire one another and to share one’s expertise. SYNTAGMA takes care of a balanced composition of groups of homogeneous level, but of heterogeneous background. Birgitte Beelen, experienced coach & supervisor, takes care of adequate professional accompaniment. Every intervision course consists of 5 end-of-the day-sessions, or 5 evenings, allowing for individual contribution of casuistry and thematic reflection.

This accompanied intervision is also offered in an in company setting:

  • POH-GGZ (General practitioner’s assistant, specialized in mental healthcare)
  • Medical Doctors
  • Family lawyers and divorce mediators
  • Teachers primary education