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Who am I

Birgitte M.J. Beelen

Birgitte M.J. Beelen

Following my studies in ‘Labor and Organizational Psychology’ and in ‘Special Education’ I specialized as ‘Systemic therapist NVRG’ and ‘Child and Youth psychologist NIP’. I graduated at the University of Groningen as (BIG) registered Healthcare-psychologist. I am a licensed mediator (MfN and NIP) and coach for several professional organizations.

I do combine my SYNTAGMA practice with the responsibility of manager at a leading supplier of psychological help and mental healthcare. eMental Health is a special area of interest.

My professional career started as teacher/trainer in Dutch language and business communication in the secondary education, the Fontys university of applied science and ‘in company’. Next I worked as a psychologist in several institutions, both in The Netherlands and in France.

Parallel to my SYNTAGMA practice I have worked as a behavioral scientist for the Dutch Child Protection Council and as Manager ‘Treatment and Education’ of a Juvenile Penitentiary Institution.

During the 8 years that I lived in France with my family, a.o. in Saint Germain-en-Laye with its Lycée International for the international ‘expat’ population in the Paris region, I did combine SYNTAGMA with the profession of ‘Court Expert’ at the courts of Paris and Versailles, performing psycho diagnostic analyses at their request for penal and civil cases. Besides these activities, I specialized in ‘Family Mediation’ at the Université Paris X in Nanterre.

Mediation occupies a special place and has a special meaning to me and apart from mediation in case of divorce or job-conflict, I am specialized in ‘Cross Border Mediation’ and ‘International Family Mediation’ at the IKO – Dutch Centre for International Child Abduction.

After having returned to The Netherlands in 2008, I increased my expertise in EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a therapeutic technique – and became ‘EMDR Europe Practitioner VEN’.

Parallel hereto I am a registered coach for medical specialists.

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