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The following workshops are specifically scheduled for evenings or on Saturdays (parts thereof). Please communicate your interest in these workshops with the contact form. Date and place will be set and additional information sent as soon as the minimal number of candidates has been reached.

  • “The Voice of the Child”


    What to expect?

    An intensive program an introduction in how to work together with the child in a child interview!

    You will be taught in the following Skills, Attitude and Knowledge

    • Specific communication skills for interviewing children
    • How to deal with needs and positions
    • How to deal with emotions and interests in highly escalated conflict
    • Cultural differences and their possible influence
    • How to deal with the influence of family/friends who stay behind in the home country
    • Aspects of Developmental Psychology

    Applied Methodology

    Theory, lectures, exercises and role play.

    Why would you like to participate in this workshop?

    You will be offered a dynamic, special format in which you can learn, practice and in which you will be shown how a child conversation can take place ànd you will be given the opportunity to experience it yourself by roleplaying.

    For whom is it meant?

    Family Mediators, Social Workers, Psychologists, Lawyers, Judges, everyone who is professionally involved by talking with children.

    When and where will the training take place?

    On demand in Eindhoven, The Netherlands* (minimum of 12 participants)
    * this workshop is, when there are enough participants, also available in a country/location of your choice. (Price to determine together)


    € 295,00 (excl. BTW / VAT) including training materials and lunch.

    Do YOU wish to participate in this workshop, please apply by mail using the subscription form.

  • “Talking with my partner, how do I do it?”

    What I want

    I don’t want to be good, cool,
    strong, brave,
    nice, cheerful, funny,
    honest nor sensible,
    and also not the wisest, the best, the first or last –
    just a little bit, a touch of unfindable,
    (except for you).

    © Toon Tellegen

    Do you want to be understood?
    Do you want the other to listen to you?
    Do you want to do nice things together (again)?
    Do you want more time for yourself? Do you want to consider things together, or rather not always?

    Do you want to be able to better talk to one another, to better listen, to better being together? For couples that encounter difficulty in engaging a conversation constructively. Central topics:

    • Learning communicative skills within a partner relationship;
    • Improving mutual communication;
    • Explanation & practice.

    Then follow this workshop:

    • 7 Tuesday evenings (19h30 – 22h00)
    • Date and location are to be defined depending on subscriptions and expressed interest.
    • € 650 / couple (max. 8)
  • “From divorce battle to worthy parenthood”

    When parents divorce, their children divorce as well. All that used to be familiar, is going to change. Children struggle with questions and feelings which they keep to themselves for different reasons (of which fear is one). It is in these nasty times that children can use some support.

    Your world is upside down as well and, although you want to be available for your child(ren), you probably won’t be able to spend all the attention the child(ren) need(s).

    Depending on the phase of the divorce you are in, depending on the fact whether or not it was your choice to split up, depending on how you have come to the decision, depending on many more aspects and reasons you may make the right choices together or reach important decisions with less harmony.

    In order to provide you with some ‘handles’ in this period of your life, we have developed a program that focuses on you as a parent and on your child(ren).

    This joint program shows similarities for both parents and children and both ‘branches’ are held simultaneously on the same location. You, parents, will work together and you child(ren) will work (individually/together). In the course of the sessions moments are scheduled at which parents and children share with each other what they have been doing.

    • For parents with their children
    • 5 sessions (2,5 hours)
    • Date and location are to be defined depending on subscription and expressed interest.
    • Price (per family): to be confirmed
  • “Introduction into Mindfulness”

    During this workshop you will get acquainted with a specific meditation technique. We’ll focus on your breathing, mindfulness and posture. You will experience how to get away from your thoughts and yet be completely alert and available. We will practice a lot in order for you to apply also at your home the experience gained. For those who want, the opportunity to share experience with others is offered as well.

    • 1 evening (19h30 – 22h00)
    • Date and location are to be defined depending on subscriptions and expressed interest.
    • € 50,- / person
  • “Please hold me tight”

    Did you expect more of your relationship or isn’t it running smoothly?
    Do you want to improve or deepen your relationship?

    Then, the “Hold me tight” program (no therapy) awaits you.

    “Hold me tight” is a light version of EFT (emotionally focused therapy).
    Just like EFT, “Hold me tight” start from emotions.

    The “Hold me tight” program has a fixed structure and is based on the book with the same title by Sue Johnson.
    Topics covered:

    • Emotions in love and connecting / bonding;
    • Discover (destructive) patterns in relationships;
    • Finding and exploring old sore from the past;
    • Building a safe basis allowing discussion of difficult topics.

    During the training sessions we’ll work with video material, exercises and homework.

    You’ll mainly be practicing with your partner!

    Special offer:

    • Weekend of saturday 30 november from 10h30 - 18h00 and sunday 01 december from 09h30 - 17h30
    • De Verdieping in Eelde/Paterswolde
    • € 375 / couple